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A multifaceted IT professional with a strong understanding of Business Analysis, System Administration and Quality Performance Improvement here in the Fort Lauderdale, FL, area. Enthusiastic and determined to succeed and excel by delivering quality output to businesses and clients alike. By clearly understanding what is needed and what is involved a wide range of objectives can be achieved in time. Using intuitive thinking skills, creativity and determination to deliver valued products in application life cycle management, software engineering, infrastructure management and user experiences.

Adam Stafford

Adam Stafford

In order to be a good analytical thinker you have to understand how something works. This gives you the insight and familiarity with the strengths, weaknesses, capabilities and characteristics behind the object being observed. The best way to learn something is to break it and then fix it!

The Standard Approach

Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver

Turning ideas into reality.
Sometimes easier said than done.

The practical approach has been used time and again to ensure that projects are clearly defined and stay within scope. Throughout the process much detail is focused on the continued value and quality. Before, during, and after the project is handed off to the new keepers of the code.

  • 1. Discover The Needs

    Every project begins with a brief discussion to understand your needs and what can be done to offer a solution. This can be either as a short meeting where I can take complete creative license to much longer more detailed meetings with exacting specificity. You just never know what the limits are but this is a good time to hash out the scope and budget.

  • 2. Define The Concept

    With a clear understanding and detailed documentation, it’s time to get to work with the conceptual idea behind what needs to happen, who’s involved and how everything is expected to fall into place. With all the options available to solve any problem, this is when the coffee begins to brew and the brains begin to energize in finding the best way to finalize a plan.

  • 3. Develop The Product

    Now with all the energy spent on thinking and documentation, time to write some code, build a prototype and explore additional approaches as the product is being built. Reassuring that every requirement is being incorporated from the previous discussions and the clear understanding of what will be done.

  • 4. Deliver The Launch and Beyond

    Application delivery and user acceptance are the final steps in validating that a job was done well. Time to sign-off of the completed project, provide additional support, develop necessary training materials and determine what else can be done to ensure satisfaction and continued success.

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A distinct and independent existence.

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